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The NewcastleGateshead story is all about how we as a destination, communicate what we have to offer, what makes us special. It’s the story that the people from our cities tell about the place where they live, how they describe it and how it connects with them – in their hearts and minds.

Collectively telling this story in a consistent way has a huge positive impact on our global and national reputation. Cities with a strong brand, such as New York, Edinburgh or London, are not just defined by their architecture and history. what really makes them unique is the strong sense of place and identity which is created by the people who live there and the experiences they share - something which can't be replicated elsewhere. 

 Why is it important?

When people are deciding whether to live, work, study, visit or invest here, they’ll do a lot of research based on factual information like tourist attractions, jobs, housing and schools, but it’s the emotional connections to a place that are the real deal breakers. The friendliness of the people and the stories they tell about their home creates a buzz like nothing else can – after all who doesn’t want to be a part of something great!  We know that people already have an image in their minds about most cities in the UK and beyond and NewcastleGateshead is no different.

We have a strong brand linked to our inventive and industrial legacy, northern spirit and warmth which is acknowledged by many, both nationally and internationally. But this is limited to people who have been here and done that. To develop and prosper, it’s vital that we keep attracting fresh talent, investment and visitors to the area. This is where the brand comes in. It builds a positive reputation, puts NewcastleGateshead at the forefront of people’s minds and creates a strong argument that there’s no better place for them to be. 

What do we need to do?

It’s about strengthening our reputation by getting more people involved in telling the NewcastleGateshead story - sharing in their own words what’s so special about our place. In this digital age, in particular, everyone can have a huge impact on the places they care about. While this is a very effective way of putting us on the map, it also means a number of different messages are being communicated, diluting the strength of our assets and potentially confusing what we’re all about.

This isn’t about creating something brand new. It’s about tapping into the work that is already being done and providing support to those who already promote NewcastleGateshead to make our offer clear and unique, encouraging those who have yet to tell their story to get involved and understand how they can help to enhance our reputation. And by doing this, how they can play a part in making NewcastleGateshead even better as we attract more investment, talent and visitors to the area  - a real benefit to our economy and for the people who are already proud to call it home.

What’s happened so far?

An extensive consultation programme engaged over 200 people from all different types of organisations and backgrounds to identify our strengths, our story and what makes us special and a bit different from other places. 

A project team made up of professionals from private and public sector organisations, based in and around NewcastleGateshead, are leading the development of a range of activities. Members of the team come from varied backgrounds and have a wealth of knowledge and insight about the area and the people, places and organisations within it. Using this knowledge and expertise, we will engage key people in telling our story through providing support, information and tools to help shape the stories and conversations people have about us. And it’s more than just words and imagery. We’ll bring the place to life so that people who come here have the unique NewcastleGateshead experience: the welcome that makes us so special. 

What's next?

We’ll work with frontline staff to engage them with our brand and in turn help us to sell NewcastleGateshead in a highly competitive global market. 

This is about changing mindsets in the long term. It digs deep into the heart of what NewcastleGateshead is all about and has place shaping potential far into the future. We want to influence long term perceptions and attract more inward investment in particular.

While we want people to tell a consistent story, we want people to tell genuine stories in a way that is relevant for their audience and community. It’s not about inventing a new place and expecting everyone to buy into a new sense of identity. We know that localities and communities are important to people and this is an overarching story that people from each community will feel has some relevance and meaning for them.

We’ll work with residents to get them to tell their stories and show what is so inspiring about their place today.

We want our strong local pride and identity to transfer into a compelling story which people naturally associate with us, nationally and internationally. It’s not about manufacturing something artificial. It’s about harnessing our full potential and working together as partners from all sectors to sell NewcastleGateshead in a consistent, authentic and compelling way.

How can I get involved?

This isn’t about a new logo, a strapline or marketing campaign. This is a long term strategy about positioning NewcastleGateshead for the future. It is about what people experience, about shaping the association people have with our place. It is about everything we say and do.

It’s about telling our story and being part of it. This might be from looking at how you make decisions, to what you say to people and how you say it, to making sure everything people experience when dealing with you or visiting the place is genuinely inspiring.

It’s everything from the obvious – how copy is written, what images are used – to the less obvious – doing things in a different way to the norm, being creative and inventive. Asking ourselves if we are being genuinely inspiring and reflecting our values and personality that makes us unique. Above all - it’s about how we make people feel.

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