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This website is positively bursting with information about all the amazing things happening right here in NewcastleGateshead. But all this fantastic knowledge is a real waste if we don’t tell the world about it. 

We need people to pass it on. To tell everyone our story: Our passions, our strengths; our places and our people; how we work and how we play. 

Interested? Read on… 

Who can become an Ambassador?

We think the people of the region, those who are proud call it home are the perfect people to tell the world about NewcastleGateshead. You might be the foremost specialist in your field, the head of an international company, ten generations Geordie, or just settled here a matter of months ago. It doesn’t matter. Everyone has something worthwhile to say and everyone is welcome to do it.

Basically, if you love where you live, you’ve got the job. 

Why should I do it?

Believe it or not, many people outside of the region still don’t see us as we really are. Some even think we all still work down the pit or in the shipyards! These outdated perceptions are stopping them coming here and seeing what we’re all about. And the more companies that invest here, the more people that come here to work, to study, to live, the more the local economy will benefit. That means more jobs, more money, more facilities, more for everyone to enjoy.

It’s a question of pride too: we all want to live in a place we’re proud of. Where our achievements are recognised and celebrated. This is our chance.

By becoming an Ambassador you’re guaranteeing a brighter future for NewcastleGateshead. And who wouldn’t want that? 

What’s expected of me?

As we’ve already mentioned, if you love this place then you’re the perfect person to tell others about it. We want your enthusiasm, your pride for NewcastleGateshead to shine through. There’s nothing more infectious than seeing someone talking with genuine passion about a place.

And to help you, we’ve filled this website with everything you’d ever need to know about the place you call home. What we’re great at, why people should come here and why so few people ever leave once they’ve arrived.

And just in case you want to express your enthusiasm in your words and pictures, we’ve also provided handy guides on how to bring out our personality in copywriting and photography. Nothing too heavy, just some tips to get the most out of everything you do and say. 

So what’s next?

We want you to go out there and shout about NewcastleGateshead to the world. But to get the very most out of it, for our campaign to be most effective we need to make sure we’re all saying the same things in the same way. That’s why this website exists; to give you everything you need to tell our story well.

So take a good look around. We guarantee there’ll be stuff that surprises and inspires you. Fill yourself to the brim with knowledge. Then tell everyone…

Go on, it could be fun!

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