NewcastleGateshead is a genuinely inspiring place. The thing is, many people don’t know it like we do. Which is why we need your help to tell our story. And as you’ll see, it’s an amazing one…

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We think the people who enjoy living and working here make the best ambassadors for NewcastleGateshead. So we’ve put together this site to help you spread the word about all the incredible things happening right here, right now.

You’ll find useful information and fantastic facts about all the things we’re great at, some examples of companies and individuals making a real difference, as well as helpful guides on how to pass it all on in the best way possible.

Go on, help us tell our story. It could be fun!

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Why We're Great

  • Our Quayside is alive with culture
  • We're working together on pioneering research
  • We've inspired many breakthroughs of the past
Our Quayside is alive with culture

Our Quayside is alive with culture

We share a passion for sport, and an eye for the arts

What Makes Us Genuinely Inspiring?

If you love where you live, tell the world: Become a NewcastleGateshead Ambassador

Why We're Great

Get Involved

Get Involved

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